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A complete schedule of Formal Consensus workshops:

  • April 13 and 26, 2008 GreenHaven CoHousing, New Haven, CT(Members only)
  • May 9 and 10, 2008 Conflict Resolution Services, Traverse City, MI(Open to the public)
  • May 16 and 17, 2008 Tulsa Symphony Orchestra, Tulsa, OK (Board members, staff and musicians)
  • May 31 and June 1, 2008 The Performance School, Seattle, WA (Open to the public, please register below)
  • October 18-19, 2008 10 am-6 pm (hour break each day)  Consensus 101" ­ group process and making democratic decisions at the Syracuse Center for Peace & Social Justice, 2013 E. Genesee Street Syracuse, New York
    Coffee, Tea, snacks and (vegan) lunch provided! Sliding Scale $15-50  DETAILS: In our groups and our movements we make decisions all the time. It¹s not the most exciting work we do, but how we make those decisions - whose voices are heard, how we address concerns, keeping the process open to all ­ is all part of the struggle to be democratic and empowering. Whether you¹ve worked with groups that replicate conventional power dynamics or groups that had no structure at allŠwe¹ve all been frustrated and challenged at some point trying to make and implement decisions in a way that¹s cooperative, nonhierarchical and effective. 

    The Bread and Roses Collective is bringing C.T. Butler (one of the Food Not Bombs founders and co-author of "On Conflict and Consensus²) to Syracuse to facilitate a ³consensus 101² training. The format will be very interactive - lots of time for questions, practice and skill building. You can check out the full text of "On Conflict and Consensus" online: www.consensus.net for an intro. Some of the areas to be covered include:

    Agendas and planning meetings, Facilitation & other roles, Principles of consensus, Group discussion techniques, Blocks and stand asides and Group dynamics 

    We have room for 20-25 participants total and have 11 already signed up! The remaining spots will be filled as people sign upŠso get your name on the list ASAP before we¹re full :-) 

    We ask for a $15-50 donation to help cover food, space and materials, and to reimburse C.T. for his time and travel. We've also received generous donations from Student Environmental Action Coalition and Caribbean Latin America Coalition, so we'll try to accomodate everyone's needs. The main space we have reserved is upstairs; please let us know if that is a challenge, as we also have a smaller conference room on the first floor reserved if necessary.

    To sign up, contact Jessica at 315-422-4924 or piccalilli@earthlink.net 

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